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And amidst the storm, lay a silent space
And amidst this space, He lay
Cloaked with gray and covered with ice

A speck of dust in an infinite universe
Fell here since the First Day
When the world buried His breath
Forgotten in a forgotten land
Where stars fear to shine
Where angels fear to tread
When power first bloomed
And the motions of the universe first flowed
And the sky was a lonely virgin

As you see it it is
While the seeing lasts
Dark, nightmare history
Time as coffin
Now He stands here
Cloak gray as sin
Breaker of the Eternal Song

A thousand leagues of ice
He exhales his first breath
And the world fell in his eyes
And the universe cracked silent
And the stars burned and bled
And this hollowed world was Him
And his heart was forever that of Prophets
The Sad King. The Eternal King.