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Code Bible


  1. No test, no work: always test your code
  2. Writing code doesn't make it yours forever
  3. Don't dismiss code just because you didn't write it. That's called being an arrogant dick. Use it or improve it
  4. The fastest code is the one that doesn't run; exit early always
  5. Code is a guide for the compiler, not a guarantee. Always test
  6. Messy code is hard to maintain. Hard-to-maintain code is useless
  7. "Oh I'll just sneak this code in this PR" is recipe for undocumented disasters
  8. Good code layout makes everyone happy
  9. Source control is a friend
  10. "Self-documenting Code" is a joke. Code is for computers. Comments are for humans. More comments is always better
  11. Nothing takes 5 minutes, especially coding
  12. Never promise exact deadlines; promise a range: "Oh this'll take 2-4 weeks of work" and not "Oh this'll be done this Friday"
  13. Never deploy anything on a Friday
  14. Don't use magic/hardcoded numbers without explanation
  15. Management always wants more from you in less time. Take care of yourself
  16. If there's a bug out there, a user will find it
  17. Code reviews are helpful, not critical
  18. Don't be a cunt: listen to others, even if they're being mean
  19. Burn out is a real thing. If you feel something, say something
  20. Debugging your own code improves understanding and proficiency
  21. Reviewing your own PRs is the best way to get them merged fast
  22. Code decays over time. Always
  23. Only add features users want
  24. Seriously: don't be a cunt
  25. Read this list again and make it yours